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Clarksburg’s Wood Wins for First Time

With the stands packed with the best fans in the land the fastest quarter mile bullring would be set to go racing as 35 Raceways first feature would be the Mini Sprints event for some of the fastest racing seen in the night.  Chris Smalley in his number 4 car from Waverly Ohio would battle the 16 car drove by Logan Wood from Clarksburg Ohio all night for the lead it would be at the halfway point Logan and Chris would have to start battling thru lapped cars but it would be with three laps to go in turn one while battling for that lead Chris Smalley would spin in turn 2 and bring out the caution flag. Logan in the 16 would lead that restart and once flagman Kyle Sheets gave the green flag Chris worked his way passing six cars on the final 3 laps to be right back to the front batting for the lead at the checkered, Wood proved he was not to be denied his first win as he hauled it in harder at the Checkered it was Logan Wood taking the win Chris Smalley second and Josh Clifton in the 7 from Blanchester Ohio would take third.

The 24 driven by Trevor Daniels would lead the BSB MFG Mod -Lite feature event to the green flag in turn four. As Daniels lead the 25 drove by Dylan Rittenhouse and the 75 drove by Kevin Rittenhouse would battle for 2nd. The caution flew on lap 3 for the 99 driven by Chris Rittenhouse regulating him to the tail, on lap 5 as Daniels lead going into turn 1, Kevin Rittenhouse went low pulling slightly ahead of Daniels with Dylan Rittenhouse on the outside, as they exited turn 3 they were all side by side with Kevin slightly ahead followed by Daniels who was just ahead of Dylan Kevin drifted high forcing Daniels into Dylan who would be forced off the track on the back stretch the red flag would come out so track and medical crews could make sure the Daniels and Dylan were ok. Both were ok but their rides no so well as they would be out for the night,  Dylan made a gentleman’s call thereby The 75 drove by Kevin would stay at the point instead of going to the tail on the restart with Columbus’s James Halfhill in the 46 and Joey Dingus in the 4  battling for 2nd, as Chris Rittenhouse battled back to challenge Dingus for 3rd  as the two swapped for position and as they over took Halfhill the 4 drove by Joey Dingus would pass Chris to take second but with ten laps in the 99 spun collecting Dingus causing a caution on the field  Chris would retire for the night after breaking the steering in the 99 car. Kevin would lead the restart in the 75. When the checkered flew it was Rittenhouse from Jeffersonville Ohio in the 75 taking home the feature win with the 46 drove by James Halfhill from Columbus would take second and Joey Dingus in the 4 from Galloway Ohio would take third.

The Compacts would look toward Tom Colley and his 12 car to get the Crazy Compact feature event to a crazy start. Right off Tom would hold of Matt Large from Chillicothe in the 1A. Matt would get passed by the number five coming into turn 3 the 12 car drove by tom got sideways leaving the 5 drove by Tim Delawder of Springfield nowhere to go in time hitting Tom sending him rolling. Tom rolled twice and a red flag was displayed while the track medical crew made sure Tom was ok. After a minute Tom climbed out of the car to a crowd that was clapping and cheering. After a quick cleanup Tim Delawder would lead the restart with only one lap complete Mat and his 1A would pass Tim in turn two to take the lead.  Matt would take of leaving the 23T drove by Adam Travis from Chillicothe and Tim to battle it would to the checkered flag for the second place. Meanwhile the 34 drove by Anthony Pearson and the 21 drove by Taylor Colley battle for the fourth position. With the white flag flying Taylor would pull away from Anthony and pass Tim to take the third place spot. At the checkered it would be Matt Large in the 1A taking the win, Adam Travis in the 23T took second and Taylor Colley took third in the 21.

In the four cylinder Stocks had the 319 drove by Charles Dozier taking the win. Shane Rittenhouse in the 9X2 took second and third went to Jr LeMaster. Larry Holbrook took the win in the V8 Modified feature in his L19 after battling with the 12N drove Rick Neece from Beaver Ohio.  the two battled it out for about three laps then the 12 car slowed with mechanical problems and dropped to the back of the pack leaving Larry to run away with the win Brian Pennington in the 15 took second from Salyersville Ohio third went to the 64F drove by Bryan Filkins from Somerset Ohio. The Outlaw  four cylinder feature Todd Ervin in his x car came from the back of the pack taking the win second would go to Tommy Bigham in the 007 third went to the 18 drove by Ralph Brown.

Results April 23rd

Mini Sprints

Heat Winner:  Chris Smalley

Feature:  Logan wood, Chris Smalley, Josh Clifton, Tristen Carter, Johnnie Starr, Steven Shell, Jared Starr, Nick Henson

 BSB MFG Mod-Lites

Heat Winners:  Trevor Daniels, Kevin Rittenhouse

Feature:  Kevin Rittenhouse, James Halfhill, Joey Dingus, Kody Pickell, Scott Richards, Jarred Cassley, Chris Rittenhouse, Trevor  Daniels, Dylan Rittenhouse, Justin Rittenhouse,       

DNS Don Dinklocker

 4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  Mark Clifford, JR Lemaster

Feature:  Charles Dozier, Shane Rittenhouse, JR Lemaster, Mark Clifford, Tanner Lemaster, Bob Rapp, Nathan Ball, Jerry Troute, William Caldwell, DNS Jon Caldwell

Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Tom Colley

Feature:  Matt Large, Adam Travis, Taylor Colley, Tim Delawder, Anthony Pearson, Tom Colley, Chris Hensley, DNS Michael Skeens


V8 Modifieds

Heat Winners:  Rick Neece, Larry Holbrook

Feature:  Larry Holbrook, Brian Pennington, Bryan Filkins, Rick Neece, Michael Davis, DNS Steve Cruse



Heat Winner:  Tommy Bigham

Feature:  Todd Ervin, Tommy Bigham, Ralph Brown, JR Lemaster, Vonley Jordan III


Enduro Action

Heat Winners:  Dillon Green, Nick Reed

Feature:  Robert Binder, Dillon Green, Nick Reed, Mitchell Hardesty Sr., Cody Cox, Swade Shaffer, Curtis Brown, William Clouser, Scott Bennett, Mitchell Hardesty Jr., Scott Shaffer, Chad Moore,

Michael Hardesty