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35 Raceway Enduro Crash O Mania

August 23rd, Frankfort Ohio

 In the Jr Karts it was Eric Kinney from Grove City Ohio in the 77 machine on pole, When the green flag dropped the 4t machine driven by Tanner LeMaster from Washington Court House Ohio came from the back of the pack and over took the entire field when they got into turn one. Mean while a battle for second was going Dominic Dunkle of Reynoldsburg Ohio in his 18 machine and Tori Moore in her 186 machine from Washington Court House Ohio would duke it out when it got down to three laps to go the two fighting for second had tanner in there sights but Tori started to back off Dominic giving him second and Dominic could not caught Tanner with one to go Tori would come back up to try to get second out of Dominic’s hands but when the field came around for the checkered flag the running order was Tanner LeMaster in the 4T as your winner, Dominic Dunkle in the 18 in second place and Tori Moore in third place.

 The Sr. Kart and Super Heavy kart race were ran together for entry count problems so in the Sr. Karts Cassie Ervin in her 88 car from Sedalia Ohio was on the pole and for the super heavy karts had Ron McMannis from Carrol Ohio on the pole for that class. On the drop of the green flag Cassie tried to take off but Colton Taylor in the 22 from Chillicothe Ohio was right there to battle her but switch back to the race behind them and you see Ron and Ronald McMannis Sr. in the 54  from Groveport Ohio racing for the win. When the white flag came out the Cassie Ervin was out front of the Sr. Kart class and Colton couldn’t find a way around her. Ron and Ronald was still side by side but it looked as if Ron had a slight led forming. When the field came around for the checkered flag the results were Cassie Ervin in the 88 won the Sr. Kart race with Colton Taylor in second and Super heavy class had Ron McMannis in the 53 winning that class with Ronald McMannis Sr. in second.

 In the Mod-lite race James Halfhill in the 46 from Columbus, Ohio was on the pole. But once the green flag dropped Eddie Smith in his 9 ride   also from Columbus started looking for a way around James. By the time the field got to turn four Eddie was leading and starting to build on that lead. Mean while back in the third position a battle would be unfolding with the third place holder Evan Smith in the 3 car and son to Eddie, who was still making a lead and Richie Armentrout in the 33 from Columbus Ohio trying to get around Evan, but Evan held every attempt to pass. But Noah Gentil in the 55G from Lucasville thought he might be able to get around Evan and Noah did get around Evan in turn one. On lap 8 a cone had been knocked onto the track so the caution came out. On the restart Eddie Smith would lead the field to the start. On the drop of the green flag Eddie Smith would be challenged by James Halfhill and Noah Gentil. Evan Smith decided he wanted in and there was a three way battle for second. But with five laps to go the Eddie Smith III spun out to bring out the caution. On the final restart Eddie Smith would lead to the start and when the green dropped Richie Armentrout still fighting over who would get second they fought right down to the wire. The results were Eddie Smith for the win Richie Armentrout for second and James Halfhill in third.

 Sierra Vulgamore in the 13 from Williamsport, Ohio on the pole. On the start a lot of drivers tried to challenge for the lead but got bunched up in turn two causing the 3 car driven by Rodney Rittenhouse from Jeffersonville Ohio to get hung up on something and get up on two wheels track crew thought he might save it but the nose of that car hit the dirt and caused the roll over to complete red flag instantly came out. After a few moments track crew announced the driver was ok. The car on the other hand was severely damaged forcing a retirement for the night. After the red flag was lifted and cars got lined back up for a complete restart the green flag was given again. Once started Chris Rittenhouse from South Solon in the 9X challenged Sierra for the lead and over took her in turn 2 of lap one after the pass Sierra fell into a battle for second Between 9X2 driven by Shane Rittenhouse also from South Solon. But Jr LeMaster in the 4 from Washington Courthouse Ohio. Came up fast and passed Sierra and Shane working up to Chris Rittenhouse when passed Shane spun out in turn two on the restart Chris would challenge Jr for the lead and would over take in turn three. Meanwhile the 319 driven by Charles Dozier from Lancaster, Ohio and Harry Shull in the 444 from Williamsport, Ohio battled for third. Charles pulled away and tooks  the lead he held it till the final lap when Shane over takes him in turn 2. The results of that race was Shane Rittenhouse for the win Charles Dozier for second and Jr LeMaster for third.

 The 14 car driven by Mike Conkle  from Cheshire, Ohio was on the pole. But on the start Larry Holbrook AKA the animal in the L19 from Heath, Ohio took the lea quick but another fan favorite Keith Bills AKA the Hurricane Hustler in the 36K from Hurricane West Virginia was right on Larry trying to keep him from the win Larry held off every attempt Keith could try but on lap 12 Larry had mechanical problems and went to the infield leaving Keith to take the lead and Eric Arledge from Chillicothe in the 65 and John Arthurs also from Chillicothe in the 98 would battle for third as the top 4 start to find traffic with five laps to go Keith would prove to be to far out and the final results were Keith Bills for the win Eric Arledge for second and John Arthurs for third.

 Stevie Thornsberry from Beaver, Ohio in the 8D machine on the pole. On the green flag drop Jim Ludwig in the 17J from Rushville, Ohio over took in turn two and started a lead that would only be rivaled by Stevie and she stuck there the whole race expect for once when she was side to side with Jim but with Bill Wilson in the 71 from Vinton, Ohio coming up Stevie was blocking passed from all angles and the final results were Jim Ludwig for the win Stevie Thornsberry for second and Bill Wilson for third.

 In the 4 Cylinder Outlaws with a long time track veteran Brandon Furniss in the 32 machine on the pole and on the drop of the green flag Brandon checked out and would leave the two fighting over the second place 95 driven by Scott Henry from Mt Sterling and the 8 driven by Michael Sorrels from Belle, West Virginia. Scott pulled off leaving Michael in the search for Brandon. But the 8 car had a flat tire and Michael did retire that car for the night leaving Cassie Ervin in the 88 to start to reel in Scott but with five to go Brandon was to far out to be caught and the final results were as follows. Brandon Furniss in the 32 for the win and Scott Henry in the 95 for second and the 88 driven by Cassie Ervin in third.

 Les Stephenson of Ashville driving the 13 would be on the pole for the night race. When the start happened the 13 machine had a lot of get up and go power  and Les left the 86 driven by Jesse Mick from Leesburg Ohio and Matt Large in the 1A from Chillicothe to reel him in it proved though but when the two caught up Matt had a tire issue and left the track so it would be down to the final three cars to fight for the win Jesse took over the lead and Kyle Sheets in the 6 from Grove City just hung back leaving Jesse Mick for the win Les for Second and Kyle for third

 Next week racing action will be on Sunday August 31st with the Mayer Farm Equipment Bullring Showdown Sponsored by Arledge's Blueprint & CAD Drafting V8 Modifieds, Sport Mods, Mod lites, 4Cyl Outlaws and 4 Cyl Stocks no karts.


Results August 23rd

Enduro Crash O Mania

Feature Stephen Smith, Ethan Fitzpatrick, Aaron Nawman, Eric Stegbauer, Mark Clifford,, Jason Pitzer, Aaron Fry, Swade Shaffer, Kelsey Daniels, Fast Bad Brad, Trenton Bartley, David Irvin,     Flying Brian

Jr Karts 

Heat Winner:  Tanner LeMaster 

Feature Tanner LeMaster, Dominic Dunkle, Tori Moore,

Eric Kinney II

Crazy Compacts

Heat winner:  Jesse Mick

Feature:  Jesse Mick, Les Stephenson, Kyle Sheets, Matt Large

Sport Mods

Heat Winner:  Jim Ludwig

Feature:  Jim Ludwig, Stevie Thornsberry, Bill Wilson, Lowell Kinney, Eric Kinney

V8 Modifieds

Heat Winner:  Larry Holbrook, Mike Conkle

Feature:  Keith Bills, Eric Arlledge, John Arthurs, Mike Conkle, Matt Watson, Larry Holbrook, Dylan Rittenhouse, Dns Zach Ackley

4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  Shane Rittenhouse, Chris Rittenhouse

Feature:  Shane Rittenhouse, Charles Dozier, JR LeMaster, Harry Shull, Mark Clifford, Sierra Vulgamore, Dalton Davey, Jeremy Moore, Chris Rittenhouse, Marshall Miller, James Deal,

Rodney Rittenhouse

4 Cyl Outlaw

Heat Winners:  Brandon Furniss, Michael Sorrels

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Scott Henry, Cassie Ervin, Vonley Jordan, Wayne Watkins, Michael Sorrels, Mike Clark, Kellie Hoy, Dns Joey Johnson


Heat Winners:  Eddie Smith Jr, James Halfhill

Feature:  Eddie Smith Jr, Richie Armentrout, James Halfhill, Evan Smith, Andy Sherley, Eddie Smith, Noah Gentil, Joshua Shannon, Dns Todd Dunkle

Super Heavy Karts

Heat Winner:  Ron McMannis 

Feature:  Ron McMannis, Ron McMannis Sr.

Sr Karts

Heat Winner:  Colton Taylor

 Feature:  Cassie Ervin, Colton Taylor