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June 18th  Frankfort Ohio

With the stands packed and ready to go the 35 Raceway crew would be geared up for a exciting night of racing. The first feature to roll off the starting grid would be the mini sprints being lead by Korbyn Hayslett of Troy Ohio. Korbyn would be driving the number 1H in the night's events. Right from the green flag from the Mees Jewelry flag stand Korbyn would battle with Dilan Allagree from South Solon Ohio in the number 2 machine. The 16 machine drove by local Logan Wood in the 16 would start to creep up thru the pack and look for the third place position but Nick Henson in the 56 would block to attempt coming out turn four. Meanwhile in turn one of lap two the 11 car drove by Johnnie Starr's  machine would start to smoke. Johnnie would keep the car under power to get back around to the exit chute and keep racing underway. With cars hitting lap speeds of 68 MPH fans were dying to see would win. With four laps in the books Austin Powell in the 17P would open up a battle for fourth with the 27 drove by Josh Clifton the cars would take a lap to battle it out but a caution in turn one would bring the battle to a halt. The caution would be for the 1H machine drove by Korbyn spinning around in turn one after getting into lap traffic. With Dilan leading the field to the green flag racing would be back underway but Flagman Kenny Blade says the start was jumped so he brought them around for a second attempt at a clean start. With six laps in going into turn one the 16 car drove by Logan would stall out and he would not be able to get that machine back up and running so he retired for the night. Korbyn would work back thru the pack and would start running down the leader on lap 12. Dilan would be the current leader and he would slam the wall coming into turn three bringing out the red flag. The 35 Raceway Medical Services checked him  out after climbing out of the car under his own power. He would be ok and would retire for the night leaving the 17P drove by Austin to lead the field to the restart. Right from the start  The 1H would go for the lead and take it in turn two. With Korbyn in control of the lead and five to go it would be a race to get caught up with the leader. Drivers would get the chance after the 18 machine drove by Jared starspun around in turn two bring out the caution. With the green white checked it would a all out race for the finish line as Korbyn Hayslett took the feature win for the winged mini sprints taking second would be the 17P drove by Austin Powell and third went to the 27 drove by Josh Clifton in the 27.

The Sport mod feature event would see just as much excitement as the 15 Machine drove by Brian Pennington from Salyersville Kentucky would take the field to the green flag.  Right off the 64F drove by Bryan Filkins, the 27G drove by Dustin Gatwood, and the 15 all battle for the lead. Coming into turn four the LT2 drove by Terry Hinkle. Made a bold move and passed the three to take the lead.  Leaving the other three to battle for second. The three would battle it out till lap three when the 17J drove by Jim Ludwig spun around in turn two. Terry would lead the restart. Dustin would make a pass for the second place position. After that restart the Lt2 would get out front and stay there. The 15 car would hit a tire in the back stretch. Brain did brake the steering on that car and would retire for the night. The results at the checkered of that race it would be the LT2 Drove by  Terry Hinkle taking home the feature win second would go to Dustin Gatwood in the 27G and third went to Jim Ludwig in the 17J.

The BSB MFG Mod Lite feature event would see the 3D drove by Donald Dinklocker on pole and this biggest part of the race would be lap 11 when the 75 car drove by Kevin Rittenhouse had oil coming out of the motor bringing out the caution. During the restart the 24 car drove by Trevor Daniels flipped over after getting sideways coming out of turn four Trevor was ok but did retire for the night  the 56K drove by Kody Pickell also retired for the night after receiving a blown tire trying to avoid the wreck. Donald Dinklocker would go on and take second to Chris Rittenhouse in the 99 and third would go to 46 drove by James Halfhill.

In other racing action the Crazy Compacts would see Matt Large in the 1A taking the win, second would go to Les Stephenson in the 44 and third would go to Tom Colley in the 12. The V8 Modified feature event would see Larry Holbrook in the L19 in victory lane, Michael Davis would take second in his 42 machine and third would go to the 39 drove by Cole Roberson. Jr Lemaster and his 4 car went to victory lane in the 4 Cylinder Outlaw feature event second went to the 45 drove by Brandon Furniss and third went to the 18 drove by Ralph Brown.


4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  Charles Dozier, Matt Brown

Feature:  Charles Dozier, Matt Brown, JR Lemaster, Mark Clifford, Bob Rapp, Tanner Lemaster, Will Caldwell, Randy Leisure, Shane Rittenhouse, Jerry Troute

 Mini Sprints

Heat Winners:  Korbyn Hayslett, Dilan Allagree

Feature:  Korbyn Hayslett, Austin Powell, Josh Clifton, Joe Allegree, Tristen Carter, Jared Starr, Nick Henson, Dilan Allagree, Logan Wood, John Starr


       Heat Winner:  Larry Holbrook               

    Feature:  Larry Holbrook, Michael Davis, Cole Roberson


Heat Winner:  Brandon Furniss

Feature:  JR Lemaster, Brandon Furniss, Ralph Brown, Calvin Fyffe,  DNS Tommy Bigham

Hobby Stockers (Enduro)

Heat Winners:  Nate Reed, Michael Hardesty, Curtis Brown

Feature:  Robert Binder, Michael Hardesty, Curtis Brown, John Binder, Mitchell Hardesty Sr., Nate Reed, Joe Herald, Tim Lyons, Herman Swisher, Gary Griffith, Ginger Badgley, Swade Shaffer, Zack Reed, Ben Colter, Charles Brewer, Robert Binder Jr., Scott Bennett,  DNS Will Clouser, Brandon Clouser, Dillon Green, Scott Shaffer

BSB MFG Mod-Lites

Heat Winners:  Kody Pickell, Don Dinklocker

Feature:  Chris Rittenhouse, Don Dinklocker, James Halfhill, Joey Dingus, Scott Richards, Dylan Rittenhouse, Jarred Cassley, Trevor Daniels, Kody Pickell, Kevin Rittenhouse, Justin Rittenhouse

 Sport Mods

Heat Winner:  Terry Hinkle

Feature:  Terry Hinkle, Dustin Gatwood, Jim Ludwig, Bryan Filkins, Eric Kinney, Cassie Ervin, Brian Pennington

Crazy Compacts

Heat Winners:  Matt Large, Taylor Colley

Feature:  Matt Large, Les Stephenson, Tom Colley, Kyle Stephenson, Tim Delawder, Taylor Colley, Raymond Fisher, Levi Dinklocker,    

 Charles Dozier Sr.