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Veterans Appreciation Night at the Bull Ring

Thanking All Who Have Served

Frankfort Ohio May 23rd

With track conditions were perfect as this nights races were set to get underway. The four cylinder outlaws were first up to the grid. Tommy Bigham in the 007 from Amanda Ohio, would be on the pole. When the green flag was shown Joey Johnson in his number 0 from London Ohio would get around Tommy in turn two.  Brandon Furniss from Mount Sterling Ohio would come to start chasing down Joey. When lap five rolled around Brandon got around Joey in turn three. Tommy in the 007 also retired to the pits that lap. Brandon having a good sized led was starting to get into the lapped traffic. When the checkered flag came out the results would be Brandon Furniss in the 32 taking home the win, Joey Johnson in the 0 taking home second and Scott Henry in the 95 from Mount Sterling taking home third.

The next class called to the grid would be the V8 Modifieds. Terry Hinkle in the LT2 from Crooksville Ohio would be on the pole. At the drop of the green flag Keith Bills from Hurricane West Virginia driving the 67 would try to get around Terry. L19 driven by Larry Holbrook would try to close the gap between him and the leaders. lap three a battle for fourth would be unfolding with Harrison Hall in the 99 from Circleville Ohio and John Arthurs in the 98 from Chillicothe Ohio, on lap five John Arthurs would get spun around in turn 2. Harrison did make a gentleman's call. When the field was back under green Keith Bills would be leading. The 75 car driven by Allen Fox retired to the pits on lap 8 due to a tire issue. Meanwhile the Terry and Larry would battle it out for second with three laps to go the race could go anyway but at the checkered flag the results were Keith Bills in the 67 taking first Terry Hinkle taking second in the Lt2 and Larry Holbrook taking third in the L19.

The Sport Mods were next to invade the track but in an odd twist of events was a one lap race.  The results were Bryan Filkins in 64f would be the last on the track and would take the win  Corry Belcher in the 89  retired due to a flat tire and would take second and Chase Frohnapfel in the 45 would take third.

Marshall Miller in the 36 would be on the pole for the 4 Cylinder Stock feature event. With a great start Mark Clifford in the 44 and Harry Shull in the 444 would be battling for second. Lap five Mark and Harry get around Marshall. and start a battle for first. Harry passes Mark for the lead in turn 3 of lap7 and the order at the finish would be set. Harry Shull in the 444 taking the win, Mark Clifford in the 44 taking second and Sierra Vulgamore taking third in the 13.

In the crazy compacts Tom Colley from Groveport would take the win in his 12 car. Tim Howard in the 55 from Lucasville Ohio would take second and Dylan Fitzgerald in the 35 from Portsmouth, Ohio would take third.

Results May 23rd

Crazy Compacts

Heat:  Les Stephenson

Feature:  om Colley, Tim Howard, Dylan Fitzgerald,

Les Stephenson


Heat:  Brandon Furniss, Scott Henry

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Joey Johnson, Scott Henry, Daniel Billingham, Jarrod Cassley, Tommy Bigham

 V8 Modifieds

Heat:  Keith Bills, Larry Holbrook

Feature:  Keith Bills, Terry Hinkle, Larry Holbrook, John Arthurs, Harrison Hall, Michael Davis, Allen Fox,

Ryan Leckrone

Sport Mods

Heat:  Bryan Filkins      Feature:  Bryan Filkins, Correy Belcher, Chase Frohnapfel

4 Cyl Stock

Heat:  Mark Clifford, Harry Shull

Feature:  Harry  Shull, Mark Clifford, Sierra Vulgamore, Marshall Miller, Eric McIntyre, William Caldwell, DNS

Charles Dozier, Estill Scarberry, Seth Stephenson,

James Deal