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Eric Mcintyre of Circleville Ohio was set to take the pole in the 4 Cylinder Stock feature event. With flagman Kenny Blade out of retirement temporarily giving the green flag Eric would have to hold off James Deal in the 38 from Lancaster Ohio and  Sierra Vulgamore in the 13 from Williamsport Ohio. Caution out for the 13 driven by Sierra got pushed off the back stretch a complete restart would be brought out. On the restart Eric would be overcome by James, Sierra,and Kevin Rittenhouse from South Solon Ohio putting him in fifth trying to hold off Estill Scarberry in the 370 from Circleville. Estill would get around in turn two and be looking to get around Kevin. With James leading Kevin would pass Sierra for second. But caution for Estill getting spun around in turn three. James would be leading when back under green. Harry Shull would be running third in the 444 from Williamsport Ohio. When lap 13 rolled around Estill would  be challenging Harry for third but with James Deal retiring to the infield on lap five Estill would  be battling for second. The results when the checkered flag was waved the results were Kevin Rittenhouse in the  taking home the feature win, Harry Shull  in the 444 taking home second and Estill Scarberry taking home third.

The Mod-lites were next to take to the track with Chris Rittenhouse in the 99 from South Solon Ohio on the pole. Right when the green flag was shown the 26 driven by Gary Griffith from Hillsboro Ohio, Tyler Boetcher in the 33 from Columbus Ohio and Jt Jones in his 26G from Bloomingburg Ohio would all try to take over the lead. Gray would  be trying to pass Chris but Tyler would be trying to get around Gary. When lap  four came around the 25 driven by Dylan Rittenhouse from South Solon would be trying to get around Tyler Boetcher for third. For the Next seven laps the top four would go back and fourth but when the halfway mark came out the field started to settle but the racing just got better with the leaders coming into lap traffic Tyler would make a quick pass to the lead on lap 13 but Jt Jones would be able to get around Chris in the 99.  with one lap to go it was clearly anyone's race but when the field crossed the finished line the results Gary Griffith in the 26 taking the win Chris Rittenhouse taking Second and JT Jones taking Third.

In the V8 Modified Zach Ackley in his number 3 car would be on the pole. When the green flag came out Zach would be holding off Larry Holbrook in the L19 Brain Whitemen from New Plymouth Ohio in the 52 and Bud Frazier In the 9F from Chillicothe Ohio.  Lap two Brain would pull away from Larry and Bud to chase down Zach. With lap seven the top 3 would start to come into lapped traffic. At the halfway point Brain and Larry are battling over second as Zach continued to hold off both to keep the lead spot. Lap 17 Larry Tried to pass in turn two but was quickly blocked tried again in turn 3 was denied again but with the flagman showing one to go Larry would get around one turn before the checkered flag to take second. the top three results were Zach Ackley  in the number 3 taking home a feature win Larry Holbrook Taking home a second place finished and, and Brain Whiteman in the 52 taking home third.

With the 4 Cylinder Modifieds taking to the Bull Ring Daniel BillIngham in the 33B would be on the pole. Right off the start John Smith in the 0X would take the lead but Jarrod Cassley in the 90 and Brandon Furniss in the 32 would pass from the rear of the field and go strait to the front of the field. On lap 12 Brandon would lap the entire field. At the checkered the results were Brandon Furniss in the 32 taking first John Smith in the 0X taking second and Tommy Bigham in the 007 taking third.

In the sport-mods Corry Belcher in the 89 would take first Jesse Taylor in the 19J would take second and Harrison Hall in the 99 would take third. The Crazy Compacts would have Tom Colley on the 12 taking first Kyle Stephenson in the 144 taking second and Les Stephenson in the 44B taking third. In the newly added Enduro class Michael Hardesty in the 24 took first Craig Edwards in the XX took Second and Scott Shaffer in the 73 took third.

Non-Wing Mini Sprint Association will present Weekly Non-Wing Lighting Mini Sprints Saturday nights beginning this Saturday June 13th with PEPSI  EMPLOYE NIGHT along with the always popular vintage American Race cars, with a full program and the recently added Enduro cars

Results June 6th


Heat Winners:  Swade Shaffer, Michael Hardesty

Feature:  Michael Hardesty, Craig Edwards, Scott Shaffer, Swade Shaffer, Nick Arbaugh, Cody Cox, John Edwards, Brad Boetcher


V8 Modifieds

Heat Winners:  Zach Ackley, Brian Whitemen

Feature:  Zach Ackley, Larry Holbrook, Brian Whitemen, Bud Frazier, Michael Davis, Travis Carr, Allen Fox


Sport Mods

Heat Winner:  Harrison Hall      

Feature:  Corry Belcher, Jesse Taylor, Harrison Hall


Mod Lites

Heat Winners:  JT Jones, Tyler Boetcher

Feature:  Gary Griffith, Chris Rittenhouse, JT Jones, Eddie Smith Jr.  Dylan Rittenhouse, Tyler Boetcher, Evan Smith, Trevor Daniels, Josh Shannon, Mike Strickland, Kody Pickell



Heat Winner:  Brandon Furniss

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, John Smith, Tommy Bigham, Jarrod Cassley,  Daniel Billingham


4Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  Kevin Rittenhouse, Estill Scarberry

Feature:  Kevin Rittenhouse, Harry Shull, Estill Scarberry, Sierra Vulgamore, Charles Dozier, James Deal, Eric McIntyre, Will Caldwell, Marshall Miller, Mark Clifford, DNS Seth Stephenson


Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Kyle Stephenson 

Feature:  Tom Colley, Kyle Stephenson, DNS Les Stephenson