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            The 4 Cylinder Stocks came out onto the track and the pole sitter for that race was Jr. Lemaster in the 4 r

Snap On Tool Cruiser Enduro

 at the Bull Ring

Sept 13th Frankfort Ohio

            With the night’s racing about to get underway the first class to get called to the grid was the Mod-Lites. James Halfhill from Columbus Ohio in the 46 machine was sitting on the pole of the thirteen car race. When flagman Kenny Blade showed the field the green flag, James had to hold off Todd Dunkle in the 11 from Columbus, Tyler Boetcher in the 33 also of Columbus and Evan Smith in the 3 also from Columbus. The four battle it out but a caution in turn four, for the 9 car of Eddie Smith from Columbus got spun around. When the field got lined up again James was sitting out front with Todd and Evan right behind. On the green flag Tyler in the 33 got around Evan in the 3. Tyler then got around Todd in the 11, Tyler looking to take over the led but James won’t back down. Lap eight Eddie Smith III in the 6 and Evan Smith get together and spin around in turn two the two bothers did retire from that race. After the track got cleaned up racing was back underway. On the restart James Halfhill pulled away from the pack the 25 machine driven by Dylan Rittenhouse of South Solon and Eddie Smith in the 9 was battling for third. Eddie shook off Dylan and was looking to chase down Tyler in the 33 but with only to laps to go could he hold off Dylan and caught Tyler. When the field came around for the checkered flag the order was James Halfhill in the 46 in first , Tyler Boetcher in the 33 in second and Eddie Smith in 9 in third.

            In the 4 Cylinder Modified feature Brandon Furniss in the 32 from Jeffersonville was sitting on the pole Scott Henry was next to him and on the drop of the green flag, Brandon and Scott took off together but the 0 driven by Joey Johnson of London Ohio got turned around in turn two. On the restart Brandon took off faster than Scott leaving him to play catch up. The 37 driven by Tommy McVey of Frankfort Ohio started to work thru the pack and three laps later was sitting on the third place spot. Lap 8 Joey in the 0 tries to get around the Tommy in the 37 but Joey got span around again and was able to save it and with five laps to go Scott Henery left the track after the car slow and almost stalled. So with Scott out the top three would be Brandon Furniss in the 32 as the leader and Tommy McVey in second and Vonley Jordan in the 95J from Washington Courthouse Ohio in third. On the restart and with three laps to go Brandon took off leaving Tommy and Vonley to battle but from out of nowhere Joey was back up and around Vonley to take a close third place finish. The results were Brandon Furniss in the 32 in first, Tommy McVey in the 37 in second and Joey Johnson in the 0 in third.

            The next feature would be the V8 Modified and with Eric Arledge from Chillicothe in his 65 car on the pole it was shaping up to be a great race. On the start Eric held off Larry Holbrook in the L19 and Mark Dickson in the 0. On lap 4 Mark Dickson from Gallipolis Ohio got around Eric as Eric fought to hold his second place position. But Larry Holbrook from Heath Ohio was coming up fast and in turn two of lap 6 found a way around and the 16 car driven by Travis Dickson also from Gallipolis Ohio came up and was challenging Eric for the third place spot. Eric spins out in turn 2 to bring out the caution. On the restart Mark would be challenged by Larry and he would try all night to get around mark. But when the checkered came out the order was Mark Dickson in the 0 for first and Larry Holbrook in the L19 for second and Travis Dickson in the 16 for third.

            The Sport Mod race would bring Harrison Hall in the 99 from Circleville Ohio on the pole. On the start Eric Dennison would challenge Harrison but wouldn’t be able to muscle up the power to pass. The 33 driven by Eric Kinney of Grove City Ohio stalled in turn three. When the green flag came out Harrison and Eric Dennison fought over the led nether wanting to give an inch when the white flag was given the two raced and it was a photo finish. The results were Harrison Hall in the 99 in first Eric Dennison in the 47 from Willow Wood Ohio in second and Eric Kinney in the 33 third.

       In the compacts feature Les Stephenson took the win due to break downs in the heat races.

      The event of the night was the Cruiser Enduro #1 sponsored by Snap On Tools and the results are as fallowed Jason Edwards in the 666 took the win and Scott Shaffer in the 73 took second and Matt Shaffer in the 187 took third.


Results September 13th

Snap On Tools Cruiser Enduro #1

Jason Edwards #666, Scott Shaffer #73, Matt Shaffer #187, Aaron Nawman #94, Jerry Troute #4, John Edwards #813, BR Keller #84K, Ethan Fitzpatrick #21, Mark Clifford #44, Swade Shaffer #732, Dalton Davey #28

Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Les Stephenson   Feature:  Les Stephenson, Kyle Sheets, Tom Colley, DNS Matt Large

 Sport Mods

Heat Winner:  Eric Dennison

Feature:  Harrison Hall, Eric Dennison, Eric Kinney, Lowell Kinney

V8 Modifieds

Heat Winner:  Mark Dickson

Feature:  Mark Dickson, Larry Holbrook, Travis  Dickson, Mike Conkle, Eric Arledge, Zach Ackley

 4 Cyl Outlaws

Heat winner:  Scott Henry

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Tommy McVey, Joey Johnson, Tommy Bigham, Vonley Jordan, Scott Henry, DNS Wayne Watkins

 4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  JR Lemaster, Mark Clifford

Feature:  JR Lemaster, Mark Clifford, Harry Shull, Justin Rittenhouse, Sierra Vulgamore, Chris Rittenhouse, James Deal, Seth Stephenson, Charles Dozier

Mod Lites

Heat Winners:  Todd Dunkle, James Halfhill

Feature:  James Halfhill, Tyler Boetcher, Eddie Smith Jr, Dylan Rittenhouse, Todd Dunkle, Noah Gentil, Todd Padgett, Joshua Shannon, Joe Boyll, Dalton Leach, Evan Smith, Eddie Smith III, Willie McFarland