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35 Raceway Park Wraps Up the 2014 Season With

Snap On Tools Cruiser Enduro

 With the second Enduro set to start right after the feature events fans and drivers would be on the edge waiting. Flagging the night’s events would be Kenny Blade who announced his retirement after 32 years of flagging races. The first feature to hit the ¼ Mile Bull Ring for the Pepsi Championship was the 4 cylinder stocks. Jr. Lemaster in the 4 from Washington Courthouse Ohio would be on the pole. On the start Jr. took off but Kevin Rittenhouse in the 3 from South Solon Ohio didn’t want Jr. to get to far away. When Kevin tried to pass Jr. on the next lap he would spin out in turn two bring out the caution. When the field got lined up Jr. was sitting on the led spot. When the green flag came out Mark Clifford in the 44 from Williamsport Ohio and James Deal in the 38 battle for second, it would be two laps before James could get ahead and shake off Mark. James now looking for the led and Jr. was right in front of him, James sees a way to get around and right as he starts to make a move the 319 driven by Charles Dozier from Lancaster Ohio lost a tire in turn 2 bringing out the caution. Charles was forced to retire from that race. When the field was lined back up James would be out front, when the green flag was shown Jr would try to get the led back James held of Jr. with no problems but on lap seven James hit the wall in turn two and left the track. Jr. took back the led. When lap ten rolled around Mark and Harry Shull in the 444 from Williamsport Ohio start a battle for second. Meanwhile Jr. starts to find traffic and Mark Clifford won the battle for second and with the flag man showing one to go the Final order was Jr Lemaster in the 4 Mark Clifford in the 44 and Harry Shull in the 44

 Next class out would be the Mod-Lites who would have Tyler Boetcher in the 33 from Columbus Ohio on the pole. When the green was shown Tyler took off but Todd Dunkle spun out coming out of turn two and would cause a pile out when the track crew cleared the wreck, two bothers Eddie Smith in the 6 and Evan Smith in the 3 both of Columbus Ohio retired from the night. When the field got lined back up Tyler was still out front. When the green flag was shown Tyler took off, leaving Dylan Rittenhouse in the 25 and James Halfhill in the 46 to battle for third. James shakes off Dylan and starts to chase down Tyler. On lap three Eddie Smith in the 9 father of Eddie and Evan smith comes up to challenge Dylan for the third spot. By lap five Todd Dunkle was back up with the top five. Lap 10 James Halfhill and Eddie Smith spin around in turn 2 bring out a caution. When the checkered came out the final results were. Tyler Boetcher in the 33 Eddie Smith in the 9 Dylan Rittenhouse in the 25.

 When the v8 Modifieds took the track Larry Holbrook in the L19 would be on the pole. On the Start Larry takes off but Mark Dickson in the 0 from Gallipolis Ohio challenges his lead.  Lap 6 caution out for Harrison Hall in the 99 from Circleville Ohio he spun in turn two. When the green was shown again Mike Conkle in the 14 over took Mark for second. Lap 10 there was a caution for the 34 driven by Shane Rittenhouse and Harrison in the 99 hitting and locking together in turn four. Harrison Retires for the night when the race started Larry tried to get distance  but Mark and Mike would still be fighting for the second place but with three laps to go Mike drops back and the orders at the finish was Larry Holbrook in the L19, Mark Dickson in the 0 and Mike Conkle in the 14.

 With the 4 Cylinder Outlaws on the track Brandon Furniss in the 32 from Jeffersonville Ohio on the pole, and Scott Henry beside him it could be anyone’s race.  When the green flag came out Scott Henery in the 95 from Mount Sterling Ohio took the led but Brandon’s right there to stay. On lap 6 Joey Johnson in the 0 from London Ohio challenges for second. Lap 10 Tommy McVey in the 37 from Frankfort Ohio spins Kellie Hoy from Amanda Ohio in the 00X bringing out the caution. On the restart Brandon would be out front and on the start .when the checkered came out the order was Brandon Furniss  in the 32, Scott Henery in the 95 and Joey Johnson in the 0

 In the Sport mod race Steve Cruse in the 0 from Jackson Ohio would be on the pole. On the start Harrison Hall in the 99 was looking for 3rd and found it but a caution out for 53 spinning around in turn 2 and on the restart Steve would take the led as 99 comes up to second and spins outs in turn 2. On the restart Steve still leading but in 3 laps Harrison comes up to third. Caution out for lap 10 for Harrison in the 99 getting together with Eric Kinney in the 33 from Grove City on the restart Harrison would spin in turn two but saves it o would be way out front as Harrison come back up to get third and the final order was Steve Cruse in the 0 David Dunn in the 1 from Pedro Ohio and 99 Harrison Hall.

 Next was the event that everyone had been waiting for Snap On tools curiser Enduro 2. After some large tires were put on the track and some I mean a lot of water put in the front and back stretches. And local Concord Township fire department standing track side ready just in case. When the countdown was given the race was on almost instantly cars broke pulling into the infield but one of the more remember able things was a minivan broke and track crew used it as a path blocker until on car hit it sending it straight again. The results of the race were 28 Dalton Davey, 187 Matt Shaffer, 666 Jason Edwards to round out the top three 


Results September 27th

Snap On Tools Cruiser Enduro #2

 Dalton Davey #28, Matt Shaffer #187, Jason Edwards #666, Mark Bundock 444, Swade Shaffer #732, Aaron Nawman #94, Scott Shaffer #73, Cliff Cost #2isted, Gary Bartley #86, Ethan Fitzpatrick #21, Mark Clifford #44, Tim Fraley #18F, Jerry Troute #4, Fast Bad Brad #51, Trenton Bartley #57, David Irvin #424, Flyin Brian #35, Tim Lyons #707.


Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Mike Crago

Feature:  Les Stephenson, Mike Crago, Tom Colley


Sport Mods

 Heat Winners;  Steve Cruse, Rick Neece

Feature:  Steve Cruse, David Dunn, Harrison Hall, David Lunsford, Chase Frohnapfel, Lowell Kinney, Mark Hall, Eric Kinney, Carl Blankenship, Allen Fox,  

  Dns Rick Neece,  Jerry Florence


V8 Modifieds

Heat Winners:  Mark Dickson, Larry Holbrook

Feature:  Larry Holbrook, Mark Dickson, Mike Conkle, Eric Arledge, Zach Ackley, Shane Rittenhouse, Terry Parsons, Harrison Hall, Mark Bailey, Derrick Smith



Heat Winners:  Todd Dunkle, Tyler Boetcher

Feature:  Tyler Boetcher, Eddie Smith Jr, Dylan Rittenhouse, Todd Dunkle, James Halfhill, Noah Gentil, Joshua Shannon, Eddie Smith III, Evan Smith, Tommy Johnson


4 Cyl Outlaws

Heat Winners:  Brandon Furniss, Scott Henry

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Scott Henry, Joey Johnson, Tommy McVey, Tommy Bigham, Vonley Jordan, Jamie Baker, Ed Hardin, Kellie Hoy


4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  JR Lemaster, Kevin Rittenhouse

Feature:  JR Lemaster, Mark Clifford, Harry Shull, Sierra Vulgamore, Seth Stephenson, James Deal, Charles Dozier, Kevin Rittenhouse