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            The 4 Cylinder Stocks came out onto the track and the pole sitter for that race was


Frankfort Ohio September 20th

             The Sr. Clone kart feature would have Joe Buskirk in his 4 machine from Chillicothe Ohio on the pole. When flagman Kyle Sheets showed the field the green flag, Joe tried to shake Colton Taylor also from Chillicothe in the 22. Laps went by Joe not wanting to give up that lead Colton had Todd Wills in the 36 from Frankfort trying to get around but when lap six got there Todd saw an opening, and took it. Todd now sitting in second and the top three starting to find traffic anything could happen. Laps went by and nothing happened but with three laps to go and only three cars on the led lap Joe had it wrapped up but on the last lap sparks were seen coming from the 4 machine and it started to slow when the group came around for the checkered flag the order was Todd Wills in the 36 in first, second went to Colton Taylor in the 22, and Joe Buskirk in the 4 took third.

             When the beginner karts took the track Lucky Ricketts in the 145 from Laurelville Ohio was sitting on the pole. When the green flag was shown Tanner Lemaster in the 4 from Washington Courthouse Ohio was looking to get around Lucky. Lucky couldn’t block Tanner. Tanner took the lead and the next lap a caution would be out for the 37 driven by William Blackburn of Columbus Ohio. On the restart Tanner would leave the pack looking for him but two laps later Dominic Dunkle in the 18 from Reynoldsburg Ohio would got spun around in turn two. On the restart Tanner took off again and the pack would play catch up the rest of the night. When the checkered flag came out the order was Tanner Lemaster in the 4 in first, Eric Kenny II in the 77 for second and William Blackburn in the 34 took third.

             The next feature would be the super heavy karts and with Dave Chaney in the 12 from Hamden Ohio on the pole. When the green flag was shown Ron McMannis in the 53 from Carrol Ohio and Corry Belcher from Steutsville Ohio both rushed to the front and were looking for to win. The two would go back and forth in the battle of wits and experience. But Jeff Dubois in the 4 from Frankfort Ohio wanted in the action and took the led but when the flagman showed the field 3 to go Jeff went to the infield with motor trouble. So the final order was Ron McMannis in first and second went to Corry Belcher and third went to Greg Clary in the 48 from Chillicothe Ohio.

             When the Mod-Lites came to the grid Eddie Smith in the 9 from Columbus Ohio was on the pole. And on the start of the race Evan Smith in the three was trying to get around his dad in the nine to take the led Eddie blocked every attempt his son could try.  Todd Dunkle in the 11 also from Columbus would challenge Evan and he would pass him then Toby Boetcher in the 33 would challenge Evan then setting in third but Evan was able to shake Toby. Lap seven Dylan Rittenhouse in the 25 from South Solon Ohio, Todd in the 11 and James Halfhill in the 46 also from Columbus went three wide into turn 2. Toby in the 33 passed Evan in the 3 lap 12 and Dylan in the 25 also took the chance to get in the top three and from that the order would be sealed in the mod lite feature event. The order as the field crossed the finish was Eddie Smith in the 9 for first Second went to Toby Boetcher in the 33 and Dylan Rittenhouse in the 35 took third.

 When the 4 Cylinder Stocks Came out the reporter was trying to find a pen and it would be six laps before a pen could be found but at the six laps mark Harry Shull in the 444 from Williamsport Ohio was leading. But on lap seven Seth Stephenson in the 631 was spun around in turn 2. The restart Harry would be challenged by Jr. Lemaster in the 4 from Washington Courthouse Ohio Harry would be able to shake Jr. but for how long with 16 laps in it was an all-out battle for the led and the results when the field came across the checkered was Harry Shull in the 444 in first, Jr. Lemaster in the 4 in second and Mark Clifford in the 44 in third,

In the V8 Modified feature 72 Terry Parsons from Mount Hope Ohio would be pole on the start Eric Arledge in the 65 took the lead and he would hold it until lap 8 when Patrick Krug in the 41 from Milford Ohio stalled in turn 1 forcing a caution. On the restart Eric would have Mark Bailey in the 88 from Yellow Springs Ohio knocking at the door wanting by but Eric wasn’t giving an inch and wasn’t about to back down but Larry Holbrook in the L19 from Heath Ohio was trying to get around Mark in the 88 both saw when Eric start to lose control and both took the opportunity to pass and Larry would fight with Mark over the led the rest of the night and when the field came around for the checkered the order was Larry Holbrook in the L19 in first and second went to Mark Bailey in the 88 third went to Eric Arledge in the 65.


Results Sept 20th

Jr. Karts

Heat Winner: Tanner Lemaster,

Feature:  Tanner Lemaster, Eric Kinney II, William Blackburn, Luck Ricketts, Dominic Dunkle, Clayton Groff

Points Winner for 2014 Tanner Lemaster #4

Super Heavy Karts

Heat Winners:  Jeff Dubois, Ron McMannis Jr

Feature:  Ron McMannis, Corry Belcher, Greg Clary, Dave Chaney, Gale McKee, Nick Nunamaker, Jeff Dubois, Ronald McMannis Sr, Bobby Malone

Points Winner for 2014 Ron McMannis #53

Sr Karts

Heat Winner:  Todd Wills

Feature:  Todd Wills, Colton Taylor, Joe Buskirk, Bob Rapp, Donovan Parsons, Seth Fout, Greg Blackburn

Points Winner for 2014 Colton Taylor #22 

Mod Lites

Heat Winners:  Eddie Smith Jr, Toby Boetcher, Dylan Rittenhouse, Evan Smith, Todd Dunkle, Eddie Smith III, Joshua Shannon, James Halfhill

Sport Mods

Heat Winner:  Harrison Hall

Feature:  Harrison Hall, Eric Kinney, Jerry Florence, Bill Wilson, Lowell Kinney 

V8 Modifieds

Heat Winner:  Larry Holbrook

Feature:  Larry Holbrook, Mark Bailey, Eric Arledge, Patrick Krug, Terry Parsons, Mat Edmisten 

4 Cyl Outlaws

Heat Winner:  Brandon Furniss

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Joey Johnson, Kellie Hoy, Vonley Jordan, Ed Hardin, Tommy McVey, DNS Scott Henry

 4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  Jr Lemaster, Justin Rittenhouse

Feature:  Harry Shull, JR Lemaster, Mark Clifford, James Deal, Sierra Vulgamore, BJ Jackson, Chris Rittenhouse, Justin Rittenhouse, Seth Stephenson, DNS Charles Dozier

Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Jess Mick

Feature:  Les Stephenson, Jesse Mick, Donald Parsons, Mike Crago, Mike Anthony, Tom Colley