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Chillicothe Carpet  Bullring Shootout

Frankfort Ohio July 12th

For the start of the biggest V8 Modified feature event that contained 16 cars, Terry Hinkle from Crooksville Ohio in the LT2 would led the field to the line in turn four. Right on the drop of the green flag Brian Whiteman from New Plymouth Ohio in the 52 challenges the leader with 36k driven by Keith Bills from Hurricane West Virginia and Larry Holbrook from Heath Ohio driving the L19 also right there right as Larry Holbrook and Keith Bills started to battle Brain Whiteman for second  the 98 driven by John Arthurs of Chillicothe Ohio spun in turn one to bring out a caution and a full restart. On the restart Terry Hinkle in the 2 would lead the field to the line, when the green flag dropped the three cars behind the leader would be fighting for the lead lap five rolls around L19 starts to make a move to get around Terry Hinkle but before he could completed the 14 driven by Rex Frohnapfle from Martin Ferry Ohio spinning around in turn 1 bringing out the caution on the restart Terry would lead to the line and be instantly challenged by Larry Holbrook in the L19 Keith Bills in the 36K and the Brian Whiteman in the 52 all still looking to over take Terry Hinkle in the LT2. Lap six Keith Bills in over taken by Larry Holbrook, Larry then started to reel in Terry Hinkle but with ten laps complete Larry almost got around Terry but a wreck that stretched from turn one and ended in the back stretch would have four cars retire for the night. With 15 laps to go drivers where low on fuel and looking to finish so on the restart drivers kept it together and there was no more cautions during the race but there was still one heck of a show with the top four looking to take the lead. Terry lead the pack till he was over taken on lap 21 and by Larry Holbrook and Keith tried to pass Terry right then to but Terry shut the gap and Larry held off the attack from Terry to win the Chillicothe Carpet Bullring Shootout. Racing shifted gears to the Mod lite class with Tyler Boetcher in the 33 from Columbus Ohio had the pole and on the start Evan Smith in his 3 machine from Columbus Ohio over took Tyler  on turn 2 of lap one. The 11 driven by Todd Dunkle from Reynoldsburg, Ohio couldn’t keep up and dropped back to fifth allowing the 6 driven by Eddie Smith III and the 9 Eddie Smith JR both from Columbus Ohio to catch up with there brother and Son even who was running in the first place position but Tyler didn’t want the rest of the Smith family to pass him and catch up to Evan. On lap three Eddie Smith III was able to pass Tyler in the 33 on turn 3 but Tyler didn’t want to lose his chance at the second place and looked for a way to get back around Eddie in the back stretch Tyler got back around Eddie and Todd Dunkle gained momentum and when Eddie Smith III started to lose control coming out of turn 2 on lap 7 Todd took the opportunity to take over the third position and the battle for second was set Tyler in the 33 didn’t want to give up the second place and Todd didn’t care with 3 laps to go those two would bring it down to the final turn when Tyler pulled a slight led off of Todd to take second, Evan took first Todd took third.

4 Cyl stock Brandon Furniss in the 13 from Mount Sterling Ohio held the led till lap ten when 9x2 driven by Shane Rittenhouse tried to over take but a caution for a safety issue on the track it was quickly fixed and racing was back under way. Brandon Quickly got out front an Shane tried to reel him in and Rodney Rittenhouse in the 3 from Jeffersonville Ohio worked up to Shane to take third and Shane still trying to get Brandon for the led but with two to go could he Brandon attempted to get a better led but Shane was coming fast. Turn 2 of final lap the two were right together but Brandon pulled off and took the win Shane took second and Rodney Rittenhouse took third. When racing got to the sport mod feature event. The 13E Emily Jordan took the field to the line for the start and on a instant Steve Cruse in the 0 from Jackson Ohio took the led and he took it and drove off with it but Harrison Hall wanted a taste of Victory lane at the fastest ¼ Mile Bull Ring again and worked from the back of the pack and started to reel in Steve when he caught up a lap later the two got hooked together coming out of turn 4 and instead causing something big the two stopped and got unhooked and both took the tail. Leaving the 8D driven by Stevie Thornsberry from Beaver Ohio to led the pack to the restart when the green came out the 53 driven by David Lunsford from Portsmouth Ohio took the led but with in seconds Steve Cruse and Harrison Hall were back up in the top two but two laps later Harrison spawn out in turn two and retired for the night . After Harrison Hall from Circleville Ohio retired there was no one to challenge Steve Cruse and the battle was on for second Stevie and David where fighting it out when the white flag came out the those two had a little contact but kept it together and the running order was Steve Cruse, Stevie Thornsberry, David Lunsford. The next race was the 4cylinder modified the 95 driven by Scott Henry of Mount Sterling Ohio took pole and on the start Brandon Furniss in the 32 from Jeffersonville let Scott know that he wanted the lead and Scott made him work for it when Braedon got around he was looking for fast times and after three laps Brandon was coming up on the traffic of the back of the pack and he maneuvered thru it like it was nothing and with to lap to go the order was set Brandon Furniss in first Scott Henry in second and Tommy Bigham in third.

The crazy compacts results were Jesse Mick in the 86 from Leesburg Ohio in first Justin Webb in the 14x from Circleville Ohio in second and Tyler Boetcher from Columbus Ohio in third.


Results July 12th

V8 Modified Chillicothe Carpet Bullring Shootout

Fast Time:  Keith Bills 14.762  Fast Dash Winner:  Keith Bills

Heat Winners:  Brian Whiteman,  Terry Hinkle 

Hard Charger John Arthurs

Feature:  Larry Holbrook, Terry Hinkle, Keith Bills, Brian Whiteman, Adam Colley, John Arthurs, Mark Bailey, Randy Pennington, Derrick Austin, TJ Schulz, Eric Arledge, Rob Stambaugh, Rex Frohnapfel, John Brady Jr, Steve Clemmons, DNS Rick Hensley

Sport Mods

Heat Winners:  Steve Cruse, Emily Jordan

Feature:  Steve Cruse, Stevie Thornsberry, David Lunsford, Eric Kinney, Chase Frohnapfel, Harrison Hall, Dylan Rittenhouse, Emily Jordan

 4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  JR LeMaster, Shane Rittenhouse

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Shane Rittenhouse, Rodney Rittenhouse, JR LeMaster, Chris Rittenhouse, Charles Dozier, Mark Clifford, Teddy Lowery


Heat Winner:  Todd Dunkle

Feature:  Evan Smith, Tyler Boetcher, Todd Dunkle, Eddie Smith Jr, Eddie Smith III, DNS Terry Williams

 4 Cyl Outlaws

Heat Woinner:  Brandon Furniss

Feature:  Brandon Furniss, Scott Henry, Tommy Bigham, Cassie Ervin, Ed Hardin, DNS Vonley Jordan

Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Brad Miller

Feature:  Jesse Mick, Justin Webb, Tyler Boetcher, Brad Miller, Matt Large, Will Baisden

Street Stocks

Heat Winner:  Adam Jones  Feature:  Adam Jones, Justin Poling