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Battles at the Bullring  Frankfort Ohio

September 12

With 35 Raceway set to start feature racing it would be James Halfhill in his number 46 modlite leading the field to the green flag. Right from the start Dylan Rittenhouse in the 25 from South Solon Ohio would take the lead from James. But debris in turn two would bring out a caution and forces a complete restart. James would lead that restart but the 4 drove by Joey Dingus would block Dylan from passing. The two would battle it out but Dylan would be able to get around joey in turn three. Joey would then be battling James a lap later and joey would pass James on lap three in turn two. While the leaders start to spread out, a battle for fifth opens up the 11 driven by Kody Pickell and the 24 driven by Trevor Daniels start battling it out to see who can take the fifth place spot. When lap nine rolling around The 33 driven by Tyler Boetcher would pass James Halfhill to take third. Joey would pass Dylan to take the lead on lap 11 also during that lap the 56K Driven by Jay Pickell retired to the pits for a unknown reason. With five laps to go Joey would start to gain a lead. Tyler in the 33 would get around Dylan and start to chase down Joey but a caution was called for the 25 driven by Dylan Rittenhouse for stopping by the grid in turn four. With Joey leading the green white checkered restart the green flag was given and Tyler passes Joey in turn turn Joey tries to hold second but Dylan comes from the rear of the pack to pass joey how started to shall going into turn three Joey comes back to pass to take back second but Dylan was still right there trying to pass but at the checkered flag It would be Tyler Boetcher taking home the feature win Joey take second and Dylan would not be able to pass at the last second and would take home third.

The next class up to the grid would be the non-winged mini sprints who would have Josh Clifton in the 7 machine from Blanchester Ohio taking home the feature win the 14s driven by Jacob Stickle from Xenia Ohio would take second and Scott Richards from Amanda Ohio and his 3D machine would take third.

The V8 Modifieds would be next to invade there bullring with Larry Holbrook on the pole right from the green flag Larry would take off like a rocket in the L19 John Brady and his 6J from Lucasville Ohio would try to chase him down with lap 2 coming around the 18P driven by Brian Pyles and the 53 drove by Michael Davis would start to battle over the third place position, with five laps in and Larry having a half track lead the caution flag will come out from the 53 driven by Michael spinning out in turn four. With Larry leading the restart he would take off like a rocket when green lights came on. Brain Plyes would pass Michael for third. With seven laps in Brain would challenge John Brady in the 6J for his second place spot it would be lap ten before John could start to fend off Brain and with the flagman showing halfway Larry would be a half a track ahead of John who would be running second. Five laps later the 53 driven by Michael would leave the track in the back stretch. And when the checkered flag came out it would be the L19 driven by Larry Holbrook taking home a feature win, John Brady in the 6J would take second and Brain Pyles would take third in his 18P.

                With the 4 Cylinder Stocks coming onto the track being led by Chris Rittenhouse in the 9X2, the fourth feature of the night would be underway and right off Charles Dozier in the 319 would pass to take the lead but a caution out for the 9X2 having a flat tire. Charles would led the restart and a battle for fourth would open up as Estill Scarberry in the 370 would be trying to get around Sierra Vulgamore in the 13 it would be lap two in turn one before Estill would be able to pass but a caution on lap three would bring the action down as the 4 car driven by JR Lemaster would have a flat tire and be forced to leave the track. Again Charles would lead the restart and Sierra would now have to hold off Mark Clifford in his 44 car but she would be able to get away from him when she came into turn three by lap five Estill would be chasing down Charles who was leading the race. With six laps in the books it would be Mark and Harry Shull in the 444 battling it out over the fourth place spot for three laps the two would go back and forth but Mark would prove to be the faster driver pulling away from Harry in the back stretch. At the halfway point the 1W car drove by William Caldwell would get a flat after grazing the wall and he would leave the track. With 13 laps in the books Estill would be side by side with the leader Charles Dozier in the 319 and Estill would be trying to pass as the two start to get into the lap traffic. Tanner Lemaster in the 4T would pull off the track in the back stretch for an unknown reason. Sierra in the 13 would still be trying to get caught up to the first and second place cars who were still battling it out. With two laps to go Estill and his 370 car would still be trying to get around Charles and when the two passed under the checkered flag it would Charles Dozier in the 319 would take home the Feature win Estill Scarberry would take home second and Sierra Vulgamore would take home third.

Harrison Hall in his 99 machine would lead the sport mod feature event to the green flag for the fifth feature of the night. Right from the start Harrison would take off and Glenn Keaton in the G2 would be trying to catchup but Harrison would already be a few seconds ahead. It would be lap 8 when a caution would be called for large debire on the track. Harrison would lead the restart. Gleen and Gleen Keaton III in the G3 would battle it would for the third place spot. But with two laps to go Gleen in the G2 would pull away and at the checkered flag it would be Harrison taking home the feature win Glenn Keaton would take second and Glenn Keaton III took third.

                In the 4 Cylinder Outlaws Brandon Furniss in the 32 would take the win Jarrod Cassley would take second in the 90 and Josh Davis would take third. The Compacts would have Kyle Stephenson taking home his first win in the 23, Les Stephenson in the 44 would take second and Tom Colley in the 12 would take third.  The enduro would have Justin Roberts in the 37 taking home a win, Michael Hardesty Sr.  taking second and Richard Shepherd would take third in the #5.  The Crusier Enduro added a little excitement to the evening with a pile up on the front stretch between the #51, #187 and the #35 cars.  The top 5 finishers were Joe Herald taking home the big hardware and money for 1st place.  Swade Shaffer collecting 2nd place after trying to edge ahead during a red flag only to be sent back where he belonged.  Justin Roberts in the #37 took home some hardware and money for his 3rd place finish.  Dalton Davey collected the 4th place spot with the #187 Matt Shaffer taking home 5th after getting down from the pile up.

Results September 12th

Crusier Enduro  Joe Herald, Swade Shaffer, Justin Roberts, Dalton Davey, Matt Shaffer, Nathan Reed, Tyler Boetcher, Fast Bad Brad, Flyin Brian

 4 Cyl Stock

Heat Winners:  Chris Rittenhouse, Estill Scarberry

Feature:  Charles Dozier, Estill Scarberry, Sierra Vulgamore, Mark Clifford, Harry Shull, Eric McIntyre, Aaron Nawman, Tanner Lemaster, William Caldwell, JR Lemaster, Chris Rittenhouse, DNS Kevin Rittenhouse

 Sport Mods

Heat Winner:  Harrison Hall   

 Feature:  Harrison Hall, Glenn Keaton  Glenn Keaton III, Corry Belcher


Heat Winners:  Justin Roberts, Dillon Green

Feature:  Justin Roberts, Mitchell Hardesty Sr, Richard Shepherd, Swade Shaffer, Joe Herald, Matt Shaffer. Scott Shaffer, Drake Barney, John Whitcomb, Brian Conwell, Curtis Brown, Michael Burns, Nick Reed, Jake Givens, Dillon Green, Derek Hawk, Nathan Reed


Heat Winner:  Brandon Furniss

Feature  Brandon Furniss, Jarrod Cassley, Josh Davis, Tim Spaulding, Daniel Billingham, DNS John Smith, Joey Johnson

Crazy Compacts

Heat Winner:  Les Stephenson   Feature:  Kyle Stephenson, Les Stephenson, Tom Colley, DNS Taylor Colley

 V8 Modifieds

Heat Winner:  Larry Holbrook  

Feature:  Larry Holbrook, John Brady, Brian Pyles, Michael Davis

 Mod Lites

Heat Winner:  James Halfhill

Feature:  Tyler Boetcher, Joey Dingus, Dylan Rittenhouse, James Halfhill, Trevor Daniels, Kody Pickell, Jay Pickell, Kevin Rittenhouse

 Non Winged Mini Sprints

Heat Winner:  Jacob Stickle  Feature:  Josh Clifton, Jacob Stickle,         Scott Richards, Chad Hyatt