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35 Raceway 2014

Street Stock Rules 

1. Body: Any U.S. manufactured full body passenger car style, full frame or Unibody 1950 or newer, steel or aluminum aftermarket template body with optional steel roof. Driver’s seat no further back than quarter post for top, aftermarket plastic or stock nose pieces may be used. Front and rear firewalls to have all holes plugged and capped off with sheet metal. Inner fenders may be removed. Doors fastened, bolted, welded, or riveted shut. Rear spoiler no wider than quarter panel, 7" high/max from deck lid. Rub rails, 2" square max, must be flush with body, no sharp edges. All windows to remain open, windshield screen or grating recommended, driver’s side window net recommended. Bodies should be cut for tire clearance. Rear tailpiece is not required.

2. Frame: Must be full stock frame to centerline of rear axle. No clip cars. Unibody may be used, but front and rear clip must be tied together with 2"x 2" minimum square tubing. Wheel base- 101" minimum. Must have a lifting hook for wrecker operator to access on both front and rear of frame.

3. Roll Cage: A full perimeter four post roll cage with an X-brace in rear and rear kickers must be used. Roll bar padding required in driver compartment. Fire retardant padding recommended. Roll cage must be securely welded to frame. Must have minimum of one cross bar in top halo of roll cage. Minimum .095 inch tubing at least 1 1/2 inch outside diameter for cages and door bars. Three total door bars on both sides are mandatory. Minimum of four uprights tied from frame to top door bar on driver side three on passenger side. Must have tow hook front and rear. Front hoops allowed. May have two bars for protection in front of radiator, behind bumper, within confines of body, no wider than stock frame horns. Absolutely no square tubing or galvanized pipe allowed. Fuel cell protection bar may be used, mounted frame rail to frame rail, no higher than the fuel cell and inside the trunk area. Maximum 1.75 inch pipe.

4. Battery: Battery must be mounted in a metal frame away from driver compartment or in marine style case. Battery can’t be in the driver’s compartment.

5. Fuel: Gasoline only. Must have fuel cell. Must be securely fastened inside trunk of car. Must be mounted no lower than middle of rear differential. Firewall must be between driver and fuel cell. All cell mounts must be steel and securely attached to frame/cage. No adjustable fuel cell mounts. Check valve recommended. Fuel lines through driver compartment must be in steel pipe or conduit.

6. Brakes: Must have four-wheel brakes and lock up during inspection. Brake bias adjusters and right front shut off permitted.

7. Suspension: Front suspension must be unaltered OEM and in stock location and must be replaceable by stock part from same type suspension. Stock passenger car spindles only, no fabricated spindles. Bottom A frames cannot be altered or moved. One shock and spring per wheel, racing shocks ok. Shocks do not have to be in stock location. Rear suspension must be stock OEM design, stock coil or leaf springs only. No added lift arms, shocks, springs, coil over eliminators, coil overs, Macpherson struts, torque links or j-bars. Aftermarket trailing arms are optional, but must be solid and must be mounted in the stock OEM location to the rear end housing. Leaf spring shackles may have multiple holes for chassis height adjustment, lowering blocks permitted. Composite leaf springs allowed. Weight jacks are optional. 1 jack bolt per wheel. No suspension/drive line parts or mounts permitted inside the driver’s compartment. To allow for additional car counts – 3 link rear suspensions are permitted

8. Car Number: Must be clearly marked on both sides of car, 24-inch height and three-inch stripe width, must also have car number on roof at least 18-inch height and three-inch strip width. Number must also be on front and back of car. If number is not legible from score tower, car will not receive points or pay from that nights events.

9. Transmission: Any transmission with working clutch. Automatics allowed. All cars must start and operate in forward and reverse while engine is running.

10. Rear end: Any OE car or truck rear end. No quick-change device. Floaters optional but strongly recommended.

 11. Tires and Wheels: Steel wheels only, 8" maximum with 1" lug nuts. E-Mod tires ok, any compound permitted. 8" Dot street radials or recaps, grooving and siping optional. Bead locks allowed.

12. Steering: Must be stock steering parts OEM parts or stock style replacement parts for make and model of car. Quick release hub and steering quickener are optional.

13. Engine: Cast iron block and heads only. Cast iron or aluminum intake. Headers allowed should exit under car. Stock electronic or point’s ignition only, no magnetos. MSD permitted. 2 or 4 barrel carb, no fuel injection. Gasoline fuel only, no alcohol or nitrous. Engine set back no further back than centerline of #1 spark plug to ball joint (upper). No electric fuel pumps.

14. Also see safety equipment in the regular rules section.