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 35 Raceway Park



Cruzier Enduro Rules

1. Completely stock V-8 6 cylinder, or 4 Cylinder cars.             
2. All glass, trim and plastic must be removed
3. If roll cage, 4 points or more.
4. Driver and any passenger/s must have Seatbelts and shoulder belts Full Face Helmet, gloves, full length jackets and pants, closed shoes. NO EXCEPTIONS
5. Must have fire extinguisher located in easy accessible position.
6. Doors must be chained, bolted or welded shut.
7. Driver windshield protection must be bars or screen.
8. No small cars are allowed.
9. Nobody under 18 years of age.

10. No derby cars, must have straight body.
11. No snow tire or mud tread. DOT 60 or 70 SERIES TIRES ONLY.
12. Must have 18″ number and be able to see plainly.
13. No rub rails.
14.Fuel tanks must be in original position.
15. Radios OK
16. No reinforced bumpers allowed,
may repair with box tubing.
18. NO beating and banging tolerated


Please fill out entry form at this link to participate.