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35 Raceway


 1. Eligibility: any 4 cylinder American or import engine car including race cars like modified and late models that have been adapted to  meet all the specification as out lined  Front or  rear wheel, front mounted engine , no trucks.

 2. Body: body must be neat clean and securely mounted and either stock, or dirt wedge late model or modified appearing, in stock location on the frame, plastic racing noses & tails permitted.  Rub rail on side of body is allowed it must touch body for the length of the rub rail & be no larger than 1 1/2" od round or square. Windshield screens or bars are required. Rear spoilers allowed no max height, no wider than body side skirts permitted. The rear filler panel area (below trunk lid & above bumper) may be removed. Front hood maybe cut to allow for air cleaner. Outer body panels door skins, hood etc. Maybe replaced with steel or aluminum provided they look neat and are free of sharp edges., it must be neat .    

3. Interior: must have front and rear fire walls. All holes to the engine compartment must be sealed. A full rear fire wall of 20 gauge metal must be between the driver's area and the fuel cell, the metal around the fuel cell like the atl cell is not considered a fire wall. Floor may be patched as needed. No mirrors or radios, all original seats and upholstery must be removed; must have a securely mounted competition style seat, seat belt and shoulder harness. Use of crotch strap is recommended. Sheet metal work in the driver's area is permitted so long as it is safe & neat, if exhaust exits thru the fire wall it must exit out the bottom, not the right side of car. Battery mounted in drivers area or trunk must be covered with a plastic battery box & in the bottom of battery box there must be 1/4" wood or 1/8 steel with bolts through it, battery must fit snugly and securely in box. Battery mounted in stock location must be secure but does not have to be in a plastic battery box.

 4. Roll cage: will be a six post design using 1 1/2" od by .095 wall or equivalent and must have a bar on each side from rear frame to rear roll bar post on each side (minimum) of 2" above the driver's head. Roll cage cannot be bolted to the floor pan & must be welded to frame and or sub-frame. Driver's side must have 3 horizontal bars & 1/8" steel plate mounted to outside of bars from top to bottom so as to protect the driver, with minimum 2 bars on the right side.

 5. Fuel: Gasoline or Alcohol  tank must be removed from the original  location. A fuel cell is mandatory must be installed in trunk area & secured with 2 bands in each direction. Bands must be min of 1 1/2" wide. No plumber's strap. Fuel lines are to be securely-mounted protected. Fuel lines running through drivers area must be aero quip steel braided or equivalent. Fill nozzle cannot go into rear interior.

 6. Frames: any magnetic Steel type frame may be used a front radiator hoop is permitted as are rear frame supports all must be made of magnetic steel no aluminum.

 7. Shocks & struts any type suspension may be modified for various springs and adjustments, front or rear may use adjustable weight jack bolts and or buckets, or adjustable coil overs.  Adjustable shackles, sliders working bird cages can all be used.  Double or remote reservoir shocks not permitted

 8. Bumpers: front & rear must resemble stock contour, no cone, pointed, or batman bumpers. Can be made of round or square tubing bumpers, no wider than center line of tires, no sharp edges. A tow hook up capable of supporting weight of car at top on front radiator hoop &/or front bumper & rear bumper is mandatory. No hanging chains or cables from bottom of car.   

9. Brakes: min 4 wheel brakes in good working order , any master cylinder. 1 adjustable bias valve maybe used but may not be adjusted from drivers area. At min 3 wheels (2 rear 1 front) must lock up when using the brake pedal when checked on the track or in the pits.

 10. Tires: must be Hoosier, any wheel combination, grooving of tires is permitted.  tires to remain inside body and / or rub rail as much as possible. 

11. Wheels: must be steel or aluminum  must be made for Racing if Aluminum. May use bead locks . Wheel lug must be the large 1"         racing type & be at least flush with the top of when tight ( must use all of the threads on the lug nut). All wheels must have and use all of the lugs and nuts as designed. If the wheel was designed for 5 lug nuts, it will have all 5 on it. At no time is a car to go on the track with a broke or missing lug nut or bolt.

 12. Engine & drive train: Any 4 cylinder piston engines  interchanging of car and engine mfg is allowed (ie: toyota car can run a nissan engine), engine centered l to r between frame rails,  any type mount may be used any block and head combination interchanging allowed, porting &/or polishing of head or manifold is permitted rank & rods maybe modified &/or interchanged. Any carburetor or fuel injections permitted. Any intake or exhaust manifold or header permitted. Battery type ignition only. Radiator must be in stock location. Starter must be in working order at all times. Any clutch or flywheel. Stock manual or automatic transmission . Drive shaft must be painted white for safety purposes and have a 360 degree 1/8" thick x 1" wide loop around the front third. Electric fuel pump will be allowed only with the use of oil pressure switch, & they must be wired to the master kill switch. Rear axle and housing may be any make quick changes allowed.. Transponders are to be located on rear axle housing.  No turbo, rotary, engines.

 13.Exhaust: exhaust system must be safe and meet approval. Working mufflers are mandatory enforced. Exhaust pipes or mufflers passing through the drivers compartment must be completely covered. Exhaust pipes must exit through the bottom of the car and use a turn down to the ground, not the right side of car. See mandatory mufflers page 10.

 14. General safety: must have a working fully charged 2 pound fire extinguisher securely mounted [flame-out fire extinguishing systems are highly recommended] master on/off switch must be clearly marked with red paint and located within reach of the outside of the car both of these must be reached by the driver from the seat fully harnessed into car, driver door window must have window net with quick release, all hardware must be mounted to roll cage not the body, [recommended to have quick release at the top]. Bumpers & rub rails must be capped no sharp protruding edges. 

15. Weight: no minimum weight.

 16. Post race tech will consist of checking for tire make Hoosier to be in the points, engine for 4 cylinders, & Shocks.

 17. Courtesy rule: see courtesy rule page 9 rule 28.